Tuesday, 15 July 2008


The winds of change have been blowing around the South of England catching fewer plastic bags to deposit in trees! I went to a boot fair on Sunday and two stallholders apologised for not being able to offer me a bag because "there are not so many around thesedays". The charity shops are saying the same - those who are less corporate have always relied on donations of bags and it seems that the very same community-spirited people that used to keep them supplied with plastic bags are now taking their re-usable bags to the shops so the chain of supply has broken down. If you have an under-sink stash of plastic bags donate hem to a charity shop to save them having to divert their much-needed income into buying in bags.
I have been checking out the checkouts in Sainsbury's and Morrissons this week in a random and hardly scientific way and noticed that Sainsbury's customers were using far more free plastic bags than those at Morrissons. The strange thing is that Sainsbury's is out of town and a car is required whereas Morrissons is in the centre of town and has lots of walking customers. So, my analysis of the situation is that a lot of people who deliberately get into a car and drive to a shop can't remember to take their own bags whereas people who walk in off the street can. Top marks to the walking bag carriers and must try harder to the forgetful car drivers.
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