Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fabulous Glastonbury 2008

This year I arrived on Wednesday in the evening sunshine. Wristbands were issued along with a set of potato starch tent pegs which were an integral part of the Leave No Trace themed festival. Wish I could say they were brilliant but 50% of them snapped off because the ground was pretty firm - so we all went back to the metal ones - the wind was blowing and we needed to anchor the tent. The festival started off sunny and it was heaven to wander around on Thursday with no pressure to stick to a timetable of seeing bands - how hilarious that the bands are sometimes the last thing on your mind at Glastonbury. When the music started so did the rain and our hearts sank. Actually it was not too bad - just enough mud to warrant the wearing of those cool new WaterAid wellies but not enough to make you stay under cover. The Leave No Trace message really seemed to have hit home as the site stayed pretty clean throughout. All cups, cutlery, 'glasses' and plates were biodegradable and 'plastic' bags were made from corn starch. People were making an effort but the festival organisers had made it easy for them by providing plenty of bins to separate the rubbish which must have cut down on sorting later on. If only the rest of life was as ethical and organised as this wonderful event.
The music? My top three were Candy Statton - fabulous disco and soul diva; Raconteurs - (Jack White you are amazing!) and Leonard Cohen whose performance will stay with me forever. Jayzee, as he modestly proclaimed was F***ing Awesome, but next time I'd prefer not to have to wave my hands in the air and shout "HO" quite so much - glad I was there though because the film that opened the set was very funny and quite brilliant.
Bag-wise the Guardian teamed up with Yeo Valley to give away the freebies with the papers and this alone saves on so much rubbish that used to blow around with nobody taking any responsibility for it. This year people had taken on board the concept that the rubbish was our joint responsibility and that made all the difference.

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