Sunday, 2 May 2010

Searching for the Environmental Good News

Yesterday I was close to nature walking in bluebell woods but today is
a rainy Sunday so I nipped out early to get a newspaper. I don't buy them very often anymore but I like to see what reviewers recommend music and book-wise and read the clever funny people's columns.
Environmental news always catches my eye and I read that a dead whale was washed up on the shore in California with a stomach filled with plastic bags and an assortment of other man-made items.(PLEASE DON'T USE PLASTIC BAGS) The oil slick from the ruptured pipeline in the gulf of Mexico is 135 miles long and growing. The oil threatens all marine species and people who make their livings from fishing these waters. ANOTHER MAN-MADE ECOLOGICAL DISASTER THAT NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO FIX.

There was also some GOOD NEWS....
The Danes are building incinerators that burn any non-recyclable household waste to provide both heating and electricity. These new-style incinerators filter out all the bad stuff so that it does not escape to pollute the air or the ground. Toxic compounds are isolated and securely stored in facilities deep underground in abandoned salt mines. They can be sited close to the homes that need the power and heating without the usual protests because they do not emit smelly smoke or dominate the landscape. People want to live nearby to gain the benefit of low cost heating and energy. I think whoever is in government after our election this Thursday should be encouraged to take a serious look at this option.

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