Saturday, 22 March 2008

More Plastic Bag "News"

Sainsbury's managed to get onto Radio 2's Saturday 1pm news bulletin today by announcing that they would be asking their customers to re-use their plastic bags. Is this really news or a way of plugging their brand? Do people really not understand that it would be a good idea to re-use their bags?
Am I the only one thinking that they are using the plastic bag issue to exploit the media and gain fabulous free advertising. I remember, going back some years, Sainsbury's gave 2p back for each bag we brought and re-used. This was a good thing and they provided a money box so you could give this money to a local charity. Maybe they still do this. My point is they didn't exactly make the BBC news with it.
The idea is always REMEMBER to carry a bag - its that easy.
Happy Easter

love, peace and chocolate

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Carry-A-bag everyone!

I am overwhelmed to see that everywhere I look there is a story about the awful plastic bag - newspapers are running campaigns, the prime minister is muttering about them,
LK today is running the story and quite frankly I think it is FABULOUS.
A slightly worrying trend emerged in the Sunday papers - the confessional cool cartoons and columns telling of swapping cupboards full of plastic bags for cupboards full of guiltily bought bags for life, the only difference being the expense and thus more money in the supermarket coffers. Hmmmmm!
I guess the supermarkets are having a bit of a chuckle about this - they already charge us for the 'free' bags in with the price of the food and now having taken the guilt on board we are buying their bags for life. Its not surprising that they've gone for this as they can charge us again - and more openly as this is seen as a positive thing. If we do remember to re-use them they get a longer-lasting, better quality walking advertisement on the street and if we don't then we keep on buying more to fill the cupboard under the sink.
Win Win Win.
You have to love you bag to remember to carry it with you - so find or make shopping bags that work for you, spend a bit more, make your own statement and it will be easy to remember to carry a bag.
love and peace


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