Monday, 28 April 2014


I've been away on Wordpress blogging about our community garden for a while and find myself in unfamiliar territory but it will all come back to me soon enough.  I'm anxious to make contact with my carry-a-bag friends and followers now that the site is back online and I'm back behind my sewing machine.

My fundamental need to MAKE has won over my need to plant veggies for slugs and snails. I've always been a maker and get immense satisfaction from crafting something with my own hands. I love shopping but for me nothing beats making.  I have a room filled to bursting with fabric, a clutter
of bobbins, buttons and threads and find the lure of selecting, matching and making impossible to resist.  My time outside gave me the opportunity to watch bees and see how many sorts there are and each has its own task -  buzzing, busy and determined.  I think I may be a Solitary Bee as I'm very happy to work alone, as long as I have 6Music on nice and loud.

However, I'll be venturing out to dip my toes into the exciting world of the Pick Me Up design fair at Somerset House this week where I'm running a tote bag making workshop using the new HEALS 1812 fabric range.   Very exciting. - come and visit, make a bag and take it home.

Nice to be back on the blog

love & peace



Aaron Cluster said...

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Forest and Lakes said...

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