Friday, 16 January 2009


What's news on the plastic bag front?
Well M&S have a window display saying they have saved the world from millions of plastic bags - that's good. I do think that people who walk to the shops in this country have taken the no more plastic bag message to heart - but I'm not so sure about those who drive to big supermarkets. Maybe the walking shoppers understand the need for a strong bag that is comfortable to carry and the trolley-to-car brigade simply don't. If you do have plastic bags at home please take them along to your local charity shops who will really appreciate them.

Winter looks so drab unless there is a frost or better still snow, but most days are a dull grey.
Not good for lifting the spirits and business is far from booming, so what to do?
Make marmalade of course!
Its another seasonal must and well worth making even if you don't like the stuff - a gift of a jar of home-made marmalade is always appreciated and you will be quietly thanked every morning at toast-time until their jar is empty. Make it for the delicious citrus aroma when you boil the mixture for a couple of hours. It fills the house and is better than the most expensive perfumed candle because the result is something delicious to eat. And for me making the labels is all part of the fun - my letters are too big or labels too small so I make M.M.Lade ; M.mlade ; Seville or Mama Made.
All we need now is TOAST and TEA.

Love & Peace

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