Thursday, 27 November 2008

Is it almost December and is Christmas really coming?

Working from home its quite easy to lose track of the date - the week - dare I say ...even the month? It has suddenly dawned on me that it is almost December. Time is flying by and despite
the dire financial news I suddenly have a sense of excitement that soon it will be Christmas.
In a way I think all this financial gloom has been quite helpful in making lavish spending seem somehow inappropriate and rather vulgar. Excellent news as this fits right in with my budget! So Christmas can now down-scale and receiving any home knitted, baked or stitched item will not produce the usual rolling of eyes from the urban cool people - at last these offerings will have real value. Of course not everyone has time to produce these themselves but don't worry because shops now have lots of lovely "Church Bazaar" standard stitchery that you can pass off as your own. If you do have time to make someone a gift then do it - the pleasure is doubled, you get the enjoyment of spending money on materials and time on the making and they get something from you that took time, thought and effort. And if it looks a bit wonky then you all get a laugh as well!
Warm glows all round.

love & peace

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