Saturday, 17 May 2008


On this morning's radio news bulletin an environmental expert criticised the government's focus on the plastic bag issue being dealt with by voluntary initiatives through retailers. The publicity surrounding one retailer's charge and another's free bags is just that - publicity generated by their PR machines. His complaint was that plastic bags were a very small part of our waste problem and as they are so visual they are an easy concept for the public to latch onto and feel they were doing something useful by carrying a bag of their own.
They are! they are! they are!
Just because there are other, bigger waste issues people should not be made to feel their efforts are not valuable or valued.
I believe that people come to a state of environmental awareness by many different routes and whatever the starting point is it is just that - their starting point. The plastic bag issue does not stand alone and once you take the step of remembering to take your bag to the shops you will feel a part of the environmental movement and become aware of other ways that you can support our planet's regeneration instead of contributing to its degeneration.
If a girl loves a Stella McCartney dress she may read an article about Stella's attitude and take something positive away, same with a Katherine Hamnett Tshirt - it may start as a fashion statement but it will also be a talking point and the issues that arise will be thought provoking.
I recommend reading the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine - its chocka with eco-fashion and really intelligent comment on the all things organic, Fairtrade, sustainable and ethical in fashion. And it is full of fun and fabulous clothes, bags and shoes.


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