Thursday, 15 November 2007

Plastic Bags are so last year

The papers and the TV are full of plastic bag news stories - shall we ban them completely? Too difficult to enforce. No, let's charge for them! And then give some of the money to an environmental charity - that will get us loads of positive environmental publicity and who knows, maybe we can take the credit for saving the planet as well. Forgive the cynicism but it seems to me that the supermarket's have found that the easiest way to get their brands on TV (especially the BBC) is to announce a new plastic bag initiative - it's so easy and really far more cost effective than advertising.
I am hoping that soon everyone will say no to plastic bags and remember to carry their own re-usable bags when they go shopping. I am truly hoping that will happen.
Where people do make the change you see such a wonderful variety of shopping bags. Colourful bags, bags with slogans, floral bags, striped, spotted or checked bags over shoulders or held in hands but most importantly bags with personality.
Vive la difference!

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greengoddess said...

Thank you! I speak up at the grocery store asking politely, "Where is your reusable bag?" Then I repeat the motto: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

And do not idle your car: turning the car off is a good way to save $ and the environment. Better yet, bike it!


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