Wednesday, 3 October 2007


When I started making my bags about two years ago I had to spend a lot of time explaining the simple idea "you go to the shops with a bag instead of going empty handed." It was just what older people had always done before the world was flooded with plastic carriers.
How things have changed in those two years. Take a look at people in the queue at any supermarket checkout now and you will find there is someone or maybe even several people who have brought their own bags to the store. Of course there are still trolleys stacked with plastic bags but the shops have all produced re-usables and in some cases provide bag recycling bins or biodegradable plastic bags - not sure that I believe in those though. Most things biodegrade eventually but that doesn't mean we can wait for it to happen.
Generally though attitudes have changed and that is A GOOD THING.

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The Green Expert said...

Well, I believe in biodegradable bags a lot more than I do in reusables, simply because they don't change your habit of shopping. I always somehow forget them in the trunk of the car. It's not true that biodegradable bags don't dissipate entirely. They actually DO...well, the real ones do anyway. Takes about a year for them to biodegrade completely.

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